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Amazon Prime Day 2020: the tricks, tips and tools to know if the offers are offers

William Rux



On October 13 and 14, Amazon Prime Day 2020 will take place , a 48-hour event exclusively for Amazon Prime customers in which more than a million special offers will be launched in various categories.

And is that despite being called ‘day’ (day), this Amazon Prime Day 2020 will begin on Tuesday, October 13 at 0:00 hours and will last until 23.59 hours on October 14. Among those more than a million offers launched by Amazon, some will be worth it but others, not so much. How do you know when an offer is good? Here are a series of tools, tips and tricks to find out.

To have the special offers made by Amazon during Amazon Prime Day 2020, it is necessary to be an Amazon Prime customer , either paid or for those who are in the free trial period of 30 days .

Whether you are a paying Amazon Prime customer or if you are within the free trial period, you can take advantage of the Amazon Prime Day 2020 offers, have free shipping in 24 hours, access the Amazon Video series and movies catalog and other advantages .

Amazon Prime day: deals, flash deals and deals of the day
As usual, in addition to the deals per se , Amazon will also launch flash deals and deals of the day during the event. And what are the differences between flash deals and deals of the day? Duration: While flash deals last a few hours, daily deals are extended to one calendar day as long as there is stock.

To make the wait more enjoyable, since the announcement of the date of Prime Day 2020 Amazon has lowered some Amazon devices such as the Amazon eero set or Blink cameras . It has also launched promotions such as Amazon Music Unlimited for 4 months for 0.99 euros, 3 free months of Kindle Unlimited when you buy a Kindle, discounts on Amazon Fashion, Home and Amazon brands, 30% discount on Prime Now for Prime customers of Madrid and Barcelona. And during Prime Day Prime users will have a 50% discount on a selection of Prime Video.

Also, if you are a Prime customer and spend 10 euros on products sold by small and medium-sized companies, as well as selected national brands in the Amazon store, you will receive 10 euros of promotional credit to use during Prime Day . This promotion ends on October 12.

Amazon’s price roller coaster
It is common that in special events such as Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday or Amazon Prime Day, sales skyrocket because many users wait for these milestones to buy what they want at a good price.

But sometimes these offers are not so much, despite the fact that we see that there is a discount on their RRP. On Amazon it is common for there to be price variations : not only over time, but also even within the same day. Thus, today we can locate a product with a 10% discount, unaware that perhaps a while ago Amazon had made a similar or even higher discount without the need for special events.

Likewise, we can also verify that Amazon is making a good discount on a product, but when looking at other online stores we discover that the same product can be purchased at a similar price, so that its discount is not so attractive compared to its real sale price in the market .

If you have marked Amazon Prime Day 2020 on your calendar to make your purchases taking advantage of its offers, we recommend that before making the transaction you try these tools to make the purchase more intelligent .

To see it more clearly, we will use a practical example: the 28-inch 4K resolution monitor AOC U2879VF, which according to Amazon has a 33% discount as it has a suggested retail price of 299 euros but currently costs 199 euros . Is it or is it not a good offer?

How to find the best Amazon deals
In times like Amazon Prime Day, to locate the offers we will only have to enter the website and click on the banner. But in addition, to speed up the search process, this year Amazon has introduced the novelty of the Prime Day offers search engine , a special bar to find the best offers for Prime Day 2020.

But what if it is not Prime Day and we want to locate the daily offers or flash offers ? Then we will have to click on ‘Offers’, located in the top bar, just below the search box. In that section you will see a showcase with the most relevant ones, being able to choose by categories and type of offers in the column on the left. Another possibility that Amazon offers us is to sort the offers by relevance, prices, discounts or sales.

It is important to look at who sells and ships the products. Usually, it is the official stores and Amazon that have the most attractive offers.

Take a good look at who sells and ships the products : usually official stores and Amazon itself have the most attractive offers.

The website CamelCamelCamel , trackea history Amazon product prices . To do this, we will only have to enter the URL of the product or search keywords on Amazon.

After introducing the product that interests us, we will check the results to see whether or not it is a good offer or if, on the contrary, that product had already been previously discounted even at a lower price than the current one.

An interesting point of this page is that it allows us to create alerts when the product drops in price to the limit we set , although for that we will have to register.

We go back to our desired AOC 4K monitor to verify the offer. After copying and pasting the URL, Camelcamelcamel shows us a graph in which we can see the prices of the last months: since it was introduced on the platform (more than three years ago) it has been going down in price more or less continuously and has and a few weeks at that price of 199 euros. However, at specific times it has reached around 220 euros.

Another tool to control the prices of a product that interests us more quickly and comfortably is to install a plugin in your browser such as Keepa. Keepa is an Amazon price tracker for Google Chrome , Firefox , Opera, and Microsoft Edge .

Its operation is similar to that of Camelcamelcamel, using an intuitive graph to see the price history by looking back in time. Likewise, you also have the options to vary the time range and the condition of the item.

Despite its small size, Keepa is a robust and comprehensive tool that consists of several tabs to follow the product establishing both the price range and other characteristics, although it will require us to register.

The best thing about Keepa is that we don’t have to leave Amazon : just go to the URL of the product that interests you on Amazon through your browser and view the Keepa graphic at the bottom of the page.

Based on the example we are analyzing, we find that according to Keepa it is at its historical minimum price .

Google Shopping
The previous tools allowed us to know if an Amazon offer was such taking into account previous Amazon prices. But, how is this price compared to other businesses?

In these cases it is worth resorting to the classic and effective Google Shopping, the sales price comparator of some businesses listed by the Google search engine. With this tool we will not see price histories, but we will be able to compare between stores that sell the same product on the internet.

Using Google Shopping is very simple: we will simply have to search for the model on Google . It will be in the right margin where we will see the price of this product in other stores.

Although you have to pay attention because sometimes the product does not correspond as is or shipping costs must be added. If we want to go deeper , click on “Shopping” and sort by price to find the best offer.

Once we are clear about the best offer, it is important that before making the purchase we take a moment to read other aspects such as the conditions of sale, the guarantee or the customer service. Not everything is a question of price and, in case of problems, it is better to bet on a trade that offers us good support , even if it is not the cheapest on the list.

After introducing the 4K monitor in Google Shopping, we found that Amazon’s is the most attractive offer.

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