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Huawei is already working on 6G according to its CEO, although it does not believe that it will arrive for 10 years.

Isabella Smith



Huawei is already investigating the development of 6G technology , which in the future should be the successor to 5G that is currently beginning to be deployed worldwide. Ren Zhengfei, CEO of the company, said it himself in an interview for CNBC . In it, he has even said that they have been working on it for a while.

Of course, let no one get excited and believe that 6G is just around the corner, because the founder of Huawei also ensures that they are still at a very early stage of their development , and that there is still a long way to go before to start marketing.

As he said, they are working in parallel on 5G and 6G , so while they continue to perfect the technology of the standards that are being implemented now, they have been developing the following for some time. Regarding its arrival, Ren has said that we are still ten years away from being able to start seeing it, although seeing how long it has taken for 5G to finish arriving since they are announcing it, it would not be surprising that they were some more.

This is not the first time that we have heard that 6G is beginning to arise. In November 2018 , the director of the 5G working group of the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology already said that he had been investigating 6G since March of that year. He also assured that the official development of this connectivity would start in 2020 , although we would not see it commercialized until 2030.

Therefore, the CEO of Huawei has only confirmed that his company is also in those tasks, and in fact has given a similar period of a decade. In addition to this, in March of this 2019 the 6G Wireless Summit took place , a convention where world experts in mobile communications met and gave conventions to try to define the first objectives of this technology.

And of course, how can we also forget the memorable words of Donald Trump assuring that he already wanted the United States to have 6G. But of course, he also said that he wanted his country to win through competition and not through blockades, which is what he is currently doing with his war against Huawei and ZTE .

Be that as it may, what it seems is that when after years of waiting 5G becomes a reality, it seems that very soon we will begin to hear more and more talk about 6G . In China they said that it would begin to develop in 2020, that is, it will be necessary to wait at least next year to see if they begin to raise some of its characteristics.

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