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Internet of Things

The 37 worst ideas of putting technology into something that does not need it

Jack FInch



Bottles with touch screen and WiFi? A pregnancy test with Bluetooth? It may sound strange, but they are only examples of how sometimes an object that has been around for some time is taken and its “smart” variant is made by simply introducing technology when it does not need it.

The worst thing is that they are not the only ones: then we will give a tour of 23 things that, for some strange reason, technology has been added , which want to present themselves as a good example of innovation, but often end up in absurd ideas, little practices and that in the end nobody uses.

Following with the appliances, Whirlpool has a washing machine and a dishwasher equipped with WiFi and the Amazon Dash system , which allows to keep a count of the washing cycles to determine when it is time to make a new order of detergent , something that It does in automatic without the intervention of the user. And although it sounds incredible, it does not require the use of our smartphone.

Fashion for meter connections reached pans, because there are several bets that offer everything from WiFi, Bluetooth connection, as well as sensors that measure temperature, weight and moisture, which allows tight control of what we’re cooking, since all the information is sent to our smartphone, where we will also receive alerts and tips to be all smart chefs.

With the advent of crowdfunding platforms we have had an explosion of ideas without limits , where some have become surprises that have been around the world. Such is the case of the Coolest Cooler , one of the most successful Kickstarter projects to raise more than 10 million dollars in funding.

It is a fridge equipped with everything you need for the picnic , from wireless speaker via Bluetooth, USB ports to charge devices, LED light inside, your own blender, compartment to store dishes and cutlery and even bottle opener. The bad news is that despite having raised more than ten million dollars, there are still people who have not received it.

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