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The first device of the Huawei HiLink ecosystem arrives in Spain: a toothbrush with an intelligent assistant

Amelia Fort



Huawei has its mind set beyond mobile. The new HiLink ecosystem aims to become an umbrella for connected devices from multiple brands . An ecosystem of home products that are compatible with the Huawei AI Life application and can not only be controlled by the mobile, but also synchronize with each other and apply “smart scenes” to automate tasks.

The first product of the HiLink ecosystem is already on sale in Spain. The first device outside of Huawei that is compatible with the services offered by the Chinese manufacturer. And it is a toothbrush.

Lebooo Smart Sonic: the first of many

The Lebooo Smart Sonic is an AI Life compatible toothbrush that allows you to monitor brushing in real time and detect brushing effectiveness. Not only will it help us to determine to what extent we are cleaning our teeth well, by being connected to the application you can also take advantage of the smart assistant to receive voice instructions while we clean our teeth .

According to Huawei, the brush has a pressure sensor that, in addition to preventing damage, allows us to detect how brushing is being done and to create an oral care routine.

The smart toothbrush has up to 36 cleaning modes, from whitening to sensitive mode, with four levels of strength that we can configure from the mobile through the app or from the brush itself. The application also allows you to adapt the brush based on the age of the user.

Lebooo, the manufacturer of the brush, offers wireless charging technology to be able to complete the 2,500 mAh battery in 8 hours. Once charged, the brush promises an autonomy of 3 months on a single charge .

The Lebooo Smart Sonic toothbrush compatible with Huawei HiLink has an official cost of 64.90 euros and is available in the Huawei store, from where the company plans to put future devices compatible with this ecosystem on sale, despite the fact that are not directly manufactured by Huawei.

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