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The new smart plug from Awair also integrates sensors to measure air quality and ambient light

William Rux



The so-called “smart” plugs are usually relatively simple devices that are capable of connecting to a WiFi network so that we can control from the mobile when the devices that connect them are turned on and off .

However, the new launch of Awair aims to go a little further thanks to the incorporation of more advanced functions in the plug itself, aimed at detecting and improving the air quality of our home.

This is the Glow C , a plug that also integrates temperature sensor, humidity and organic compounds (although not carbon dioxide). The idea is that we can use the information collected by these sensors to activate or not the equipment that we connect.

Through a mobile application that indicates with a numerical score the air quality detected and sends notifications to the phone in case of finding anomalies, we can program the ignition of fans, air purifiers, humidifiers or air conditioners when they are exceeded certain pollution thresholds in the room.

Also included in the plug is an LED lighting system that we can use as an ambient light, nighttime accompaniment or directly as an alarm indicating the air quality in red or green. In addition, it is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT in case we want to control it with the voice or schedule an operation in line with other elements of the smart home.

Price and availability

The new plug connected Glow C of Awair will go on sale this month in the United States (we still do not know if it will arrive in Europe) for a price of $ 75 .

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