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Triumph Bonneville tribute to Steve McQueen becomes scrambler by Absolut Motorcraft

William Rux



Some may remember that special edition Triumph Bonneville that was released as a limited run in 2012, since it wasn’t that long ago. Specifically, a total of 1,100 units left the factory with details that paid tribute to the actor.

It was called Triumph Steve McQueen TM Limited Edition and the one you can see here is number 662 , although with a good job from Absolut Motorcraft to make it a scrambler air mount and give it a new life.

The Spanish workshop Absolut Motorcraft is behind this project

When we talk about motorcycle customizations, the imagination and the tastes of each one are the key to the result. And that’s basically what happened to this special edition Triumph that was born as a tribute to Steve McQueen and has been given a complete facelift. The result is a frame with the scrambler touches so fashionable among many.

Nothing remains of that green paint with black details with which this motorcycle was put on sale with the plate numbered 662, of the 1,100 that were sold. A predominantly pearl gray with a gold stripe has been converted to a tank and several original components have been replaced with others in an attempt to reduce the overall weight.

For example, the silencer, which is now shorter and more modern, as well as the front and rear fenders and the side panels, which are now fiberglass and have been modified. The headlight is also new and smaller, doing the same with the rear light and even with the seat.

Absolut Motorcraft, based in Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona), estimates a total weight reduction of around 40 kg , from the 230 kg in running order it weighed when it left the factory. Practically everything has been changed in this Triumph whose client asked to transform it into a scrambler with off road wheels, to be able to move on unpaved roads in Ibiza.

Hence, it was also decided to incorporate a subframe to reinforce the structure, as well as enduro-style footpegs and a cross-type handlebar, while working with a new transmission kit with a golden chain and coupled to the twin-cylinder engine of 865 cc . This, by the way, would give a final performance far beyond the 67 CV that was standardized thanks to all the work that has been done on this unit, also in terms of the ECU.

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